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IMG_E0205.thumb.JPG.82257e42c4a2d615801347f4d9f46749.JPGIMG_E0204.thumb.JPG.4566fce49ebd36dd29c5486815a15a71.JPGTwo badges I picked up some time ago.  My minimal research suggests that they were worn on the helmet and perhaps also on the first peaked caps, sometime between the 1880s and the 1920s.  One is complet, the other missing the central device.  The second was clearly painted black at one time as well. 

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I concur that these are cap badges for forage caps (peaked caps). Whereas the custodian helmet (with its larger helmet plate) was in use for general patrol, by the  the early 1920's, forage caps were in use for specialized positions such as mounted officers, motorcycle duty, bandsmen, senior officers, and others . By the late 40's early 1950's forage caps were were in widespread use, and continue to be the standard headress for the Toronto Police Service. The helmet plate and the forage cap's badges were the same in design but differed in size (whereas the senior officers wore a different cap badge bearing the City of Toronto's coat of arms).


Here are some photos from the City of Toronto Archives:


1920, Three Policemen (The other officers are wearing the winter patrol lambskin hat)



1923, Toronto Police Silver Band at Massey Hall



1924, Inspector Essen Bond (wearing the different cap badge for senior officers)



1926, Motorcycle Division with Chief Draper



1929, Police Promotions - George Smith (the larger helmet plate is apparent)



1949, Police Constables in new Summer Dress



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I see what you mean about the comparativce sizes of the cap badge and the helmet plate!  As I say, my research was sketchy at best.

Lovely photos, BTW.  I assume and hope that they are part of the TPD museum's collection.

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