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Chris Boonzaier

An absolute Missing Link...

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A number of Years ago I advanced the theory that the official order to issue Preliminary EK docs came at the beginning of 1916, anything done up until then was at unit initiative. My theory was that like after the 1870 war, post war official documents were planned

This was based on the observation of many hundreds of documents and issue dates and the order in 1918 that all documents handed out to date were now to be considered the official document.

This was poo pooed as there was no proof... then Wernml.jpg.4b95456f95f3a101c128137432120365.jpgitz published the order from 1916 saying that units should issue preliminary documents.... So my theory was confirmed... 

Now this!!!! I think it is the missing link....

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Nice find and very interesting!

thanks for sharing


regards seeheld


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