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Morar Andrei

Searching for tank metal figurines

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I like military vehicles from the Second World War, and I even started a small collection. But I got stuck. I was looking in all the shops from Romania after a tank metal figurine (I don't want to build it from scratch, but to find an already built one, just like a toy/model) but I found nothing. Can you help me with some suggestions from foreign countries? I can also request my uncle, who is living in Canada to look after any, but I want to find first anything useful from you, gentlemen.



(sorry for the mess, at the moment I lack a propper place to put my collection)



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Good question... I once had a Tiger I kit and it was scale 1/72 from Revell, so this would be the scale I'm looking for. Second of all, any WW2 nation tank would be useful, but I have a preference for the German tanks. But if there would be a slight chance to find any Romanian tank, or that was was used by the Romanian army, it would be interesting too. Thank you very mych.


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