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Morar Andrei

The 1812 Russian-Turkish War

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I'm looking for images from this war, especially about any battle that took place on the teritory of modern Romania. If find same kind of images, but from the other wars, would be as good. Thank you! It's very interesting to from nd out that the Romanian Prinicipalities have bern the battlefield for the large empires for centuries. Here are 2 examples of other batyles that took place here:

- battle of Oituz from 1788 (Austrians vs. Ottomans)

- battle of Giurgiu from 1790 (same combatants)



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I don't have any images of this war but it does make me think of a postulation that I have had for years. What if at Tilsit, Napoleon would have offered Alexander and Austria unfettered 'access' to the Balkans & Constantinople, to divide as they saw fit (minus Greece perhaps)? As Bismarck would later say, "the Balkans aren't worth the bones of one Pomeranian grenadier!" That would of really taken up Austria & Russia's efforts. It would have also peeved the British.

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Yeah, I also find interesting that the modern territory of Romania was like a buffer zone, a battlefield during the 16th-19th century between the great powers of Europe, with many battles involving the Russians, Austrians, Ottomans.

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