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I had to pay through my nose for this.... but worth every penny. I have looked for a Leib Regt Haubde for about 10 years now....

I remember Kube on the German "Kunst und Krempel" show viewieng a Prussian 1 Garde zu Fuss stamped Other Ranks Haube. (I think that would be the equiv of the ILR as far as regiments go) . Kube said he had had a number of officers Helmets to the Regt over the years, but never, ever a tamped Other ranks one in superb condition... he valued it at EUR4000... of course, that was over the top... but it says something for the rearity... unfortunately no name, but 1910 made Kammerstück....l3.thumb.jpg.4f67ad9d7958602a83e04c8d1bcd2514.jpgl2.thumb.jpg.d88335cf4f9cf4c2b890200082616257.jpgl1.thumb.jpg.2ec52697f86d234f2777d7e708cc70f9.jpg

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Wow!  Now that is a nice addition to your collection.   Amazed at the condition.   Was that from Jan Kube?  On the auction? 

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