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Dear fellow collectors

I recently came across this beautiful piece up for auction at auctionhouse Carsten Zeige from Hamburg. Although my collection-area is Germany in WW1 I also have an interest in WW2 awards and awards from different European states, since there was a lot of cross-awarding between states (germans like Max Becker, Ernst zu Lippe-Weißenfeld and Franz von Chauvin  received the award for example despite the fact that the order is not-german). When researching this cross I saw a lot of examples, but not a single one of them had their swords crossed in this bavarian style (MVO for example). Other pieces I saw had their swords crossed between the arms. At Emedals I found the same class with the swords crossed in the regular way. Could any of you give me some info on this piece, and on whether it is authentic? I will attach some examples.

Kind regards and thanks in advance, Laurentius




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Yes, it's decidedly unusual to have crossed swords mounted this way!

There's no maker's mark that I can see (Carsten Zeige Auction 59, 2018-03-24, lot 339 if anyone's interested) but it could be a  foreign-made one commissioned by the recipient back home if, perhaps, he was German.

Or it could indicate a civil award at a higher level than a previously-awarded military award of the Order.

Some thoughts.


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Dear Megan

I would expect atleast a mark for the silver and the gold since the grandcross is made from silver-gilt and gold. Perhaps you are right about the foreign-made commisioned piece, seems like a viable option.

Kind regards, Laurentius

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