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Morar Andrei

Warships evolution - I'm confused

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I like military history, but there is one thing I never understood completely: how did the warships evolve? I know something about the Ancient ships, the 18-19th century ones, the WW1 and WW2 and a bit about moder ships. But there are two large periods I really don't understand and I find them very strange and unclear:

- the transition from the ancient galleys to the giant ships full with cannons (in short, naval warfare and ship aspect in Middle Ages, until battle of Lepanto - if there were already ships with cannons and large sails, why did they still use galleys, even with a bunch of cannons? My History teacher told me such ships have been used in the Mediteranean Sea until the 18th century )

- mid 19th century (transition from wooden ships to metal ones, first metal battleships, monitors, ironclads, then the transition to the more classic Dreadnought Class battleship)








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