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Jurgen Fritz

Imperial Russian Belt & Buckle

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Hello Gents,Greetings I got this Imperial Russian belt Buckle with Cyrillic Marking (translate:"B.Sh.D" Brothers Brunner,hugo Schneider Rudolf Ditmar ,many Factory's ad the Time so

in Vienna,Maker of  Petrol lamps

& Metal/Aluminium Products.(There where  also Imperial Russian Army Cantines /Messtins with there Mark found)I researched  that they had in that Time a Factory in Warsaw (then Imperial Russian)1879-1914? I wonder if my Buckle was made there,or in St.Petersburg (using there stamping Mashine?)

since  that by outbreak of 1WW Mashinerie was moved away  to Russia (St.Petersburg? here some pictures how the Belt was assembled (differend Fasteners) and 

the Cyrillic Marking on the Fastener. The Buckle has a Chokolade brown Patina  most (ground dug) Buckles show missing or bent Fastener ,a week construction (pulled by heavy Equipment?  (I Guess my is made from Bronze or Copper?)Any more friendly INFO 

very appreciated! Best Regards Jurgen

IMG_0003 (2).jpg


IMG_0004 (3).jpg

IMG_0003 (4).jpg

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:)P.S.Here the former Factory in Warsaw


I discovered under the Belt Fastener some old "scratched in" Symbols?

perhaps of the former Soldier? Any Idea Please,very appreciated..

IMG (2).jpg

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