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Hi, thank you for accepting my application to join. Is it possible to obtain information from the LG with regards to the issue of ISM?

I have 4 in my collection i am trying to find any information.

QE11 to James Henry Ward

QE11 to Dorothy Mary Ward

QE11 to Wilfred Arthur Ward

GV to James Valentine Ward.

any help would be greatly appreciated. regards, seaford lad

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Welcome to the GMIC!

You should be able to do an on-line search for the awards at this site: https://www.thegazette.co.uk/all-notices/content/116

A word of warning, however, that the search engine does miss things, and you'll need to be prepared to use vaious conbinations of surname, first name or surname, initials dpepnding on date and award.  I belive the technology is an early version of text scanning software and it's not 100% but with luck you should find something.


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I quickly found three of them very quickly - Wilfred Arthur Ward eluded me in short time I had available.

Search for (including quote marks)    "ward james henry"   etc. ie surname first then given names. Putting it in quote marks means look for exact text. Don't worry about the comma - the Gazette search function ignores it.

Wilfred ??? you'll have to look harder.



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I wonder if there was an error in his second name. https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/42713/supplement/5107

Wilfred Albert Ward LG 26 June 1962.  GPO Mechanic-in-charge, Bournemouth.

On the other hand there are one, possibly two Wilfred Arthur Ward or Wilfred A Ward in that time period

Oh, apparently the London Gazette online does not have all the issues!


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