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Infantry Assault Badges - Otto Schickle, Pforzheim

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I have just managed to pick up another early die stamped, nickel sliver plated tombak, Infantry Assault Badge by Otto Schickle. This one has the sheet metal catch and, as can be seen, has the most wonderful toning/patina.

These badges come with two different types of catch...Sheet metal and round wire.

Generally called 'Schickle/Mayer' badges due to the head of the Präsidialkanzlei, Dr. Otto Meissner, signing a decree, in June 1941, stating that the firm of Otto Schickle was prohibited from the manufacture and trade of orders and medals founded after January 1933....the reasons remain unclear.

Schickle, however,  were allowed to sell off certain parts of their leftover stock and the firm of B.H Mayer was one of the purchasers at a later LDO supervised sale.


The one just in.... sheet metal catch.




Round wire catch.






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Beautiful examples.  I love the sheet metal versions because they tend to hold on to their finish a bit better than the zinc.  

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