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Japanese “collabortors” armband

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Good afternoon to all.

this is my first posting so please bear with me. At the weekend I bought a few pieces of Militaria from a lovely old gentleman that were brought back by his uncle who had landed in Normandy.

as I was leaving he asked if I was interested in Japanese Militaria, i saidI would have a look and he fetched the arm band that I hope you can see below.

the only similar item I can find on the net is a miniature reproduction which is identical and listed as a collaborators arm band.

has any one come across one of these in the past ? And any ideas on value ?

my thanks in anticipation 

Martin 2

p.s I’ve just tried to add the picture but the file is to big but it’s white nylon I think with rising sun no rays coming outwards just a red blob if you like

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Martin : Take a look into :  worthpoint. com /worthopedia/ ww2 japanese army kempeitai style armband

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Afternoon Gents

ive now managed to sort the photo 

upload problem I was having .

this is the Japanese “ collaborators “ arm band next to a desert spoon for scale  , any thoughts or comments appreciated 



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