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Jurgen Fritz

Division AZUL 2 WW?

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Hi Gents Greetings

Any Idea if the "Spanish Blue Division" painted there Belt Buckles "Blue"?

Any friendly answer very appreciated!

Thanks & Best Regards



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P.S. what meant "CERECEDA" on Buckle catch?

there is a small Village in Spain with that name

or is it a "Makers mark?"

Thanks & regards


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"Cereceda" is the makers-mark, and is a small village in North-Spain.

Here you have the answer, the spanish buckle-belt have the symbol of infanterie not in blue and not with the Aguila de San Juan that is  place better in the general rombos of army. I mean in the 1939 times.

The name of  Blue Division, comes from the shirts, that use the falange blue colour of these voluntaries. Not all the spanish voluntair used that in the german uniform.

note that the republican symbol o


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