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Badges ot Excellent Soldiers

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In my collectors practice I had nearly all of these bagdes,those came into being in 1942 to reward the soldiers of all qualifications in Red Army.These badges existed till 1957.I went through the division and I found out there is  no topic about these badges.I decided  to look for  the photos of the badges I sold e.g. lately or last year and to create the topic.

1.Excellent Fireman



2.Excellent Baker



3.Excellent Tankist

4.Excellent Buzzer

5.Excellent Worker in Air Forces

6.Excellent Worker in Health Service

At present time I do not have more pictures,but I hope some collectors of the forum will add their photos of the badges.



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If somebody needs the Pozharnik-Fireman,I will sell it.The better photos of the badge.



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