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Seeking Photo of 1944 Era Kriegsmarine Maschinenobergefreiter Rank / Sleeve Insignia / SSI

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Hello Folks,   I'm looking for a nice clear view of a WW2 Kriegsmarine Maschinenobergefreiter's Rank, Rating / Shoulder Sleeve Insignia. The more I look on both the web, & among my available texts, the more unsure of the exact design I become. If anyone here on the GMIC would PLEASE be so kind as to post a photograph of the Tank / Rating I'm looking for, I'll be extremely appreciative. The KM Sailor I'm researching was as noted above, an Maschinenobergefreiter aboard Schnellboot S-188 during 1944, if that's relevant to actual insignia or rating I'm looking for. THANK YOU

       Regards,    dpast32        ( dpast32@aol.com )

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Hello : Enter into www. philipp .militaria com ./archiv artikel .maschinenobergefreite armelrangabzeichen . and you wil find a good photo

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