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I just want to share with my collection of items that pertain to the Warsaw Uprising of 1944.  In an effort to ensure the continued existence of a free Poland after the war, the Polish Home Army rose up from underground in an attempt to capture the city of Warsaw from the retreating (so they thought) Germans.  After 63 days of hard fighting and little of the promised Allied support, the valiant Home Army fought until they ran out of supplies and negotiated a surrender to the Germans.

This first item is a display for Major Max Reck.  He was an infantry instructor at the Infantry Officer's Candidate School at Posen when he was ordered to assemble a task force and march to Warsaw, picking up any police or military units along the way.  With his cadets and assembled combatants, he formed Kampfgruppe Reck and fell under the command of the SS General, Reinefarth.  

My most recent pickup was this nebel photo that was taken during the Warsaw uprising.  Major Reck had one such unit under his command and I believe this is it.  (there were only two and the location of these men is verified due to building features).  

Max Reck.jpg

Max Reck Awards.jpg



This next image contains a desk ashtray that while not directly attributed to the Warsaw Uprising, it was definitely a memento of the German occupation.  

Warsaw Gift.jpg

Warsaw Gift1.jpg

A more recent find is this Wound Badge document that was awarded to a member of Landesshutzen 997 who was wounded during the Uprising.  

Warsaw Wounded.jpg

Warsaw Wounded1.jpg

And my final item, for now, is a remembrance card for a man killed during the event.  Sadly, his unit information is omitted.  

Warsaw KIA.jpg

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Thank you for the kind words.  I need to find some Polish Home Army items to round things out a bit.

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Thanks John!  I'm always looking for more.  In addition to German items, I'd love to find some nice Home Army items, although I am aware that most of it was destroyed after the battle.

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Newest find.  Infantry Gerfeiter  killed during the Uprising.  


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