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I have reached the halfway mark... 7 cards out of a set that had 14...... does anyone have any others?r1.thumb.jpg.1e2607ea9ef29a21b47934a94b6b573e.jpgr2.thumb.jpg.f5380efeb23d42fe852f6be3e18bc6cc.jpgr3.thumb.jpg.ce98164c244f09276d3f6683ebd7bb29.jpgr4.thumb.jpg.5732ff73850dc7bc7a4b8684fc5d0349.jpgr5.thumb.jpg.6e47366ac133a40ec5547a10bb510be3.jpgr6.thumb.jpg.0aace120f65fe470b771d68ea92605a2.jpgr7.thumb.jpg.ef0e993ada67af0b41716fce0081bb67.jpg

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