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Double MID Miniature Group

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I have been working on attributing this nice set of miniatures - my best candidate so far is Major John Aubrey Smith, Royal Marines who served from 1943-73 - MID 40 Cdo Italy 1944 for the Garigliano River Crossing as 6 PL Comd P Troop, MID 42 Cdo Malaya 1950, entitled to all four clasps on the General Service Medals. DM likely for service in India with 44 Cdo at the end of the War.

To cancel out any other potential recipients I've been going through the London Gazette entries for MIDs for Suez and Malaya - I believe I've found all the RM recipients and have ruled all others out. My only trouble right now is trying to find a list of Malaya RN MID recipients - for some reason having difficulty with the LG search.

The fact that Major Aubrey Smith fits the entitlement seems very promising and I would almost venture to say the group may be unique - but would still like to rule out all potential recipients, any input always appreciated.



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I do not know how well inter-library loans may work in Canada, and or, whether the below book is available in some form of 'Download' on the internet, but you should try to obtain a copy of;

- Mentioned in Despatches 1948-1968 (Mick Dalzell & Paul Riches, 1999)

It is a compilation of all published MID's, extrapolated from the London Gazette. It covers all services, and all forces, Brtish & Commonwealth

It's arranged as a nominal roll, by recipients surname in alphabatical order. The last 2 x columns of each entry contain the London Gazette date, and importantly for you, the theatre of award, i.e., Malaya, Near East, etc.

Downside is that the book is strictly a nominal roll with recipients respective service details and award theatre - it has no abstract analysis by campaign theatre, year, service, nationality etc, so you would have to individually check each entry on each of the 139 x pages to find / eliminate likely candidates..........

Collector and resarcher A M Palmer had authored 'Above and Beyond: Being a Record of Awards to Her Majesty's Forces for Gallant and Distinguished Services During Military and Peacekeeping Operations Since 1945. Vol 1' (published in 1999). This work is more comprehensive and well arranged, including all types of awards, however the first volume only includes most (but not all) post 1969 campaigns, and as far as I am aware Volume 2, which was to include the pre 1969 campaigns was never published.......

An issue of Haywards Medal Gazette, did contain an article with roll (inc casualties) for the Near East operations, but I can't be more specific than that, as I gave away my run of Haywards Gazette's wehn I last moved house several years back......

As information.



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