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EKII, 1914 and 39 good?

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I posted my medals in their respective era forums and only noticed now that EK has its own section..
So I'd appreciate opinions on these crosses. (One of the 1914 ones was on the bar but had its ring bokenPICT0061.thumb.JPG.3ad72f62c7d3624b2d636432db90e660.JPGPICT0062.thumb.JPG.7f30bb8a633623d18375869cafaa24b4.JPGPICT0048.thumb.JPG.66f84540ec1b6af0486987b825310125.JPGPICT0049.thumb.JPG.1a0227f730ad8a35509b475d9a712a35.JPGPICT0050.thumb.JPG.eb55c7cad57bfc070d2271bb8d49d6cf.JPGPICT0051.JPG.19e40e5d59a19ea8848415344e520e33.JPGPICT0052.JPG.ec726a4065d0251135e02bf05cebf16e.JPGPICT0053.thumb.JPG.668b818a76d8c5879638dcb0c0989f7c.JPG)
Thanks! Köller

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