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Victory Medal to an RAF mechanic

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I've just acquired my first British medal and I'd like to know if it's possible to find out more about it's recipient. Where did he serve, his other medals etc...





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As the medal is named RAF, he would not have been in early enough to have earned a 1914-15 Star so very likely his only other award is a British War Medal.  An "M.S.R. Broadbent" is shown on the 1914-1920 medal rolls maintained now by Ancestry.com, but my membership doesn't get me access to UK records, so  have no more info. :(

At least he's not a 'Smith', like the 2 RAF First War medals I own, so you have some chances of findng him.  Good luck!  

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Thank you for your reply Peter! 

Do you know some sites where I can find out more information or anyone who is good at researching this matter?

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You need a researcher n the UK, or at least someone who has access to the British records.   I believe they too are now avalable on Ancestry.com but membershps are annual and perhaps more than you want to pay.  he:



Good luck!


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The Medal Roll record for MSR Broadbent on Ancestry UK is not this Man, it refers to 2nd Lt MSR Broadbent serving with the Royal Field Artillery I'm afraid.


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First name(s) Harry Seton
Last name Broadbent
Birth year 1891
Birth date ? ? 1891
Birth parish St Pancras
Birth town London
Birth county Middlesex
Occupation Pianoforte Maker
Attestation year 1916
Attestation date 20 Jun 1916
Attestation age 25
Service number 33290
Marriage year 1914
Marriage date 27 Jun 1914
Spouse's first name(s) Rosa
Child's first name(s) Edith Winifred Leton
Child's birth date 08 Apr 1915
Archive reference AIR 79/326
Next of kin first name(s) Rosa,Edith Winifred Leton
Next of kin last name Broadbent
Record set British Royal Air Force, Airmen's Service Records 1912-1939

RAF service files are now accessible in Findmypast.

Interesting craft in civil life - a valued skill probably in RAF.


There was another Broadbent F.S. with one digit different service number - pretty sure they were related.


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