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I am looking for any career details on GM Freiherr von Buddenbrock.

GM von Buddebrock  is listed in the 1914 Rangliste(page 50) as being in the 1 Garde Division as the Komm. I Garde Feldartillerie Brigade , but he is not listed (that I could see) in  the 1918 Ehrenliste.

Any career details most gratefully received.



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Hi Ian,

not sure why you could not see him in the Ehrenrangliste. He is on page 30 as commander of 1. Garde-Feldartillerie-Brigade.

Friedrich Wilhelm Frhr. v. Buddenbrock (1859-1944). Born 31 August 1859 at Thorn, a graduate of the Prussian cadet corps, he was commissioned into the 2. Garde-Feldartillerie-Regiment on 15 April 1878. Promoted to Premier-Lieutenant with a Patent of 17 April 1888 and an Hauptmann on 2 September 1892. He was appointed as the battery commander of the 2nd horse battery on 18 October 1892. On the 1st of October 1899 he was transferred to the staff of Feldartillerie-Regiment Nr. 6 followed by his promotion to Major and assignment as a detachment command in FAR 9 on 18 January 1901. He was promoted to Oberstleutnant on 20 July 1907. He was assigned as the provisional commander of FAR 4 on 20 February 1909 and confirmed as commander on 24 March 1909. Promoted to Oberst on 3 October 1910. He was appointed as commander of 25. Feldartillerie-Brigade which he assumed on 18 April 1913 and finally as commander of 1. Garde-Feldartillerie-Brigade on promotion to Generalmajor on 1 October 1913. He appears to have commanded the brigade until July 1916. He retired as a char. Generalleutnant (11.8.16).



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G'day Glenn,

Hmm! Feel like a goose right now. No idea how I missed him (page 30). I was more focused on the index, but just couldn't pick him out. I will now revisit the ehren rangliste.

Many thanks for the additional information on his career.



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