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Opinion on "One Piece" Spain Cross w/o Swords

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Curious what this forum thinks of the so-called "one-piece" Spain Cross without swords: period authentic, or post-war fabrication?  This type of cross has the eagles molded as part of the cross, rather than added separately.  The cross photos below are for reference only, to illustrate the type of cross I'm referring to (the cross shown is not mine).

My research indicates most collectors believe this cross type is period authentic, although no maker has been identified as far as I know. Note there is a one-piece cross believed to be a 'reproduction' (it has a flaw in one of the swastika arms of the central disk, among other minor differences from the one shown below).

A few collectors believe the 'one-piece' cross is a post-war fabrication, since no one-piece silver versions have been discovered to date, and there is no period photographic evidence that definitively shows a one-piece cross in wear. 

Bottom line: I'm requesting thoughts & opinions on the originality of the 'one-piece' Spain Cross, like the example shown below.

Thank you.


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Thanks Gordon, can't believe I missed that one.  Are you sure it's silver?  I magnified the photos, and wasn't 100% sure.

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