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Chris Boonzaier

Which South American country? Proofmarks....

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I just saw what I understand to be a "Gaucho Knife"

I am not sure if it is Brazillian or Argentinian, but it does have some prrofmarks.

On the back, is a Crown above the letter D, on the front is a F.G. in an oval.

My non existent spanish makes me think the seller was saying the Drown above the D dates up until 1912.

It also has the makermark Scholberg whish was apparently present in South America and Belgium.


Does anyone have any ideas?



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Here you go.... a classic "Gaucho knife"... with what looks to be armory stamps of Uruga5.thumb.jpg.9721a00fad17a1c20ffdb06e72585d30.jpga4.thumb.jpg.71492799c42de572c2a6950345585666.jpga3.thumb.jpg.dcc1eee248e00e3f6f281c8b791cdb04.jpga1.thumb.jpg.a363a61276370a649ebd0af58c815200.jpga2.thumb.jpg.b008e7d946b4681b3f7bd10a8ff2ab73.jpguay

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