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Lord Hobbers

Help required: Inter-wars KD shirt

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Hi everyone.


I wonder if anyone might be able to assist me. I am doing some research on the British Army Khaki Drill uniforms. As I understand it, the KD 'Bombay Bloomer' shorts were introduced in 1935, and the 'aertex' KD shirt was introduced in 1938. However, I have seen photos from Palestine and India of British soldiers circa 1935 - 1938 wearing some form of shirt, that would seem to pre-date the 1938 issue.


Does anyone know what these shirts were? They all look slightly different, so are they locally bought items perhaps? And if so, were they approved by the regiment / quartermaster? Did they not breech any uniform regulations? Or would they have been mass produced by said quartermaster perhaps?


Some of them look like the grey woollen undershirt form the WWI style service dress uniform. Is that, in fact, what some of them were?


And does anyone have any colour references for these shirts?


Many thanks in advance.

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M'Lord.  You are not being ignored!  I saw your post and fully intended to see what I could dig up, but life intervened: had to buy a new computer and now have to find a new car. :(  

That said, I do hope to find some photos of relevance to your question.  And welcome to the GMIC!


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Many thanks for your reply, Peter.

Apologies for my late response but I have been on holiday.

Thank you very much for looking into this for me. I have spent many hours Googling but cannot seem to find any concrete information.

Thanks again.

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