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South Lancashire Regt man

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I recently acquired a WW1 Trio and some documents to 10014 Pte Frederick Stockham, Father in Law of my next door neighbour.  I am trying to find out more about him as he appears to have been a PoW, possibly in Russia.  Have attached one of the documents.  I also have a copy of the letter signed by King George V, welcoming him home after PoW release. Can anybody please help with some info on him?  Much appreciated.  Dudley


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He was captured at Mons, not wounded but in a field hospital, in August 1914. Have a look here 


This site http://www.warringtonmuseum.co.uk/local-history/south-lancashire-prisoners-of-war-relief-parcels/ says he was held in Doeberitz (as does one of his POW cards) and Heilsberg, I imagine 33263 is his POW number.

The POW cards from the ICRC are attached.



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