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Hi Gents






Not sure where the next one was taken. It did come with the other two. Names on the front...





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Hi gents

Just found one more to add here....


He’s number 35 and has the PG on the leg

I think it might be his non-regulation footwear that is the cause for embarrassment...


He looks ‘less than impressed’ to me.


A few bits on the back




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Hello tony , as ever ,your photos are interesting . This time i center on the Obermusikmeister .the man with the fiddle in the center of the first pic . Why? because in another pic he wears the slouch hat of the Schutztruppen .the colour of his waffenrock appears lighter in tone than the others . the dark facings on cuffs and collar made me risks that he was part of the Togo Cameroon ,Schutztruppen who used red facings. 

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Hi Bayern

ive just been having a look at Wikipedia.

it says the East African Schutztruppen were the last Germans to surrender, only doing so a number of days after the Armistice. Also there were only a total of some 128 European combatant officers, warrant officers and NCO’s....

Thanks for the info- i had noticed his hat before before but thought he had acquired himself an Aussie slouch hat!

would his rank make him the senior officer in the other picture hence his central position ?





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