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Co D 1st Ranger POW/ 24th Div Korea KIA PH

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Very proud to own this one ! He was original member of Darby's Rangers taken POW Jan 30 1944 near Anzio held at Stalag 2B liberated 6/9/1945  and was later MIA / killed in action in the 1st months of the Korean war with Co M heavy weapons company  34th infantry regt. 24th Division  July 20 1950 near Taejon.

He was from Delaware Co PA 









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2 wars, 7 years of service and still a private? I knew a few guys like that... I wonder if he did the Pvt-cpl-pvt-cpl-pvt thing? I am guessing that between the end of WW2 and beginning of the KW a night out on the town led to many "The cpl is a pvt again" moments...

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