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What is that cross? Please for help to recognize.

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Hello guys. I have such cross like you see below. I can't recognize what is it exactly. In my opinion is not official state cross but some kind of private or military organization cross. There is a phrase 'RITTER' visible and the date.  If somebody can help me I will appreciate that. Best regards.





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that is the third prize in a shooting competition at a shooting club (Schützenverein), after shooting at the bird or at a special target. The second price is the "1. Ritter", the first price is the man with the champion shot (Schützenkönig).

See for example here, the three persons in the middle are the 1. Ritter, the Schützenkönig and the 2. Ritter

Schützenkönig und 1. und 2. Ritter


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