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pic (card) bavarian FLAK which medal?

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Hi again!

I got this pic showing 2 bavarian frontfighters. The guy on the right Unteroffzier seems to be from a FLAK bataillon, because he´s wearing a Regimentsmedaille

after his MVK3X (seem he got it as a EM)

I`ve never seem this Regimentsmedaille. It shows some soldiers with a cannon attacking a airplane.

Does anybody know more about that medal?


The pic (card) is ungelaufen. It was taken in Weissenburg (Franken)





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Hi, I couldn't zoom to get a clear enough look at the medal in question.  And, unfortunately, I can't identify it further.  However, I really doubt it's a regiment medal.  I have several regiment medals for field artillery; they are for commemoration of the regiment's founding - these all date pre-WWI.  I would think his MVK3X is for war service; so, I doubt this other medal is one of those commemorative regiment medals. (Besides he's pretty young to have both a pre-war regiment medal and a war time MVK3X)  So, hopefully, a Bavarian expert will have better clues.

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Thanks a lot. I will try to make a better detail pic.

I think it is a Regimentsmedaille, too. But i have never seen that piece hanging on a bar.

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