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Gersdorff, Rudolf-Christoph Freiherr von

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Oberst Rudolf-Christoph Freiherr von Gersdorff

Born: 27 Mar 1905

Died: 27 Jan 1980


Highest rank reached: Generalmajor


O3 14.Armee

O3 12.Armee

Ic XII.Armeekorps

Ia 86.Inf.Division

Ic Heeresgruppe B

Ic Heeresgruppe Mitte

Chef Gen.St. LXXXII.Armeekorps

Chef Gen.St. 7.Armee


RK: 26 Aug 1944

DKiS: 25 Oct 1943


Gersdorff was responsible for supervising the excavation of the murdered Polish officers at Katyn.

On 21st March 1943 Gersdorff attempted to assassinate Hitler during the Führer's Zeughaus Berlin visit but had to disarm the explosive devices in his own pockets after Hitler rushed through the exhibition and left within 10 minutes. In 1944 was also responsible for hiding the explosives and fuses that von Stauffenberg would go on to use on 20th July.





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