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My little collection of Finnish winterwar medals

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Here is my collection of winter war medals from Finland. Talvisota muistomitali or TsMM.

First picture shows all medals with the 15 existing clasps awarded to Finnish personnel. P1000652.thumb.JPG.271d8053ed28f1e761de245a3ba9da38.JPG


Second picture shows my collection of TsMM awarded to foreigners with four different clasps. On has it´s original bag included.
Then there is the bronze and silver medal, one of the silver medals is a real hallmarked one and the other is a official copy made to a museum in Finland. The museum medal might be for sale or trade if anyone is interested.

Now I only need a gold one to complete my collection. But since only 7 awarded to heads of state, it´s impossible to obtain.
The silver one is awarded 42 times and extremely hard to find and very expensive once you find one for sale.


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Great Collection , the Silver medal for foreigners is really scarce , I haven´t seen one for sale in ten years.

In 2006-2008 there was 4 ! of them sold , I was offered one for 2000 $  But I took my money and went on a roadtrip to US instead :D



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