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1925. Kriegsmarine group photo. Schloss Godens.

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Hi Gents

A photo I have that I hope you’ll enjoy...

Reverse says it was taken at a place called Scloss Godens in August 1925.


I like the mix of ranks in the group with the inclusion of the lady placed within the group.


On the front row my amateur eye sees the one officer with a bow tie, I presume he is the highest ranking and another two officers flanking him with long ties.

The men either end I think are ‘nco’s as their collar tabs are different to the men on  the back row.

However- On the back row there are four faces not three! 


i have only just noticed the ‘guest’ who joined the back row  ...   for me it makes the picture....  i think the two men on the end find it funny but the middle fella is not so impressed.


lastly , I can’t see all of the detail on the cap tallies of the two as they wrap around further than the picture shows but there is a word ending  ‘MMDIVISION’ and a space followed by another word


i hope it’s of some interest to you Gents


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Interesting photo of a Reichsmarine group.  The cap tall probably reads SCHIFFSSTAMMDIVISION DER NORDSEE.  I've attached some photos from the same era.  Latin lettering was used on the cap tallies until 1930 when it changed to script type.





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Hi Gents

Bolewts58, thanks for the translation of the annotation. I had looked for a military connection of Schloss Godens so that it was an excursion makes sense.


Gordon, thanks for the tally ID.

What a cracking picture....

i think the guy hiding in the background in my pic is wearing the same. I can see the stripes on his uniform just showing round the pole...

(And he looks like Max Verstappen (F1) to me!)

thanks again both





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