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Here is an interesting group.... he was on the Stabswache of the 22nd Reserve Korps throughout the war.... Flanders, Eastern Front, Verdun, Ukraine.... the burgandy leather wallet was for members of the staff of the corps for X-Mas 1914... I expect the "Korte Wilde" was an important action for the Korps in 1914.....vo1.thumb.jpg.295a421fac93c6f9fc1affeeadb89429.jpgvo2.thumb.jpg.2ef1751bf83e3e7f8878e8bf13585d11.jpgvo3.thumb.jpg.d8d9f378f730981f690bc0e91d1bc9da.jpgvo4.jpg.d1e51001737f29c02d21a8a4a4c6cfc1.jpg

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