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I know I will regret posting this.....

I found this trawling through my "soon to go's" ... I remember the bloody fight I had to go through to win the auction... it was really something I had to have.... The Militärpass has some fantastic battle entries, Berry au Bac, Hurtebise, then the bigger battles, Somme, Champagne, Flanders, Verdun... then ending up in the middle of the US advance during the Meuse Argonne offensive, for which he seems to have gotten his EK1. The Pass has the FAM in silver and Bronze, plus EK1 and EK2.... and even at this late time of the war they tried to decorate his EK1 doc a bit....vv1.thumb.jpg.bdec70226c0247c576c5658db0eaea12.jpgvv2.thumb.jpg.b1b119b56d54e658ad901e224aea0687.jpgvv3.thumb.jpg.d342e606bba8cb2f83e46e459cbe5ecd.jpg

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Well, at least many of those places we've been to. ;)

View south from the observation tower on the Chemin des Dames toward Craonne, although the destroyed village of Craonne in the Woods was, IIRC, to the left?


Overview of the Chemin des Dames:


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That overview map of the region was at the Crapouillot memorial, IIRC. I wonder if there is a better quality version online somewhere? The exaggerated relief makes it easier to appreciate key terrain.

All I seem to have from Hurtebise are pictures of the monuments/plaques to the battles there in 1814, 1914-17 and 1940.




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