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Generalmajor Karl Geißler (1858-1941)

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Good evening,

I am looking for information of Generalmajor Karl Geißler. 

This is all I know so far:

Karl Geißler was born in Landshut in 1858; his father Georg Geißler was the director of the audit office Passau. After graduating from the Humanistic Gymnasium in Passau he joined the military and was mainly active  in Kgl. Bayer. 16th Infantry Regiment. He was the Garisson commander in Passau and commander of the military prison Veste Oberhaus.

Thank you very much!



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last week I have won the ebay auction with the König-Ludwig-Kreuz certificate and  3 pictures of him.
Here some more informations
MVO 4. class crown/swords
Service cross 24 years
Iron cross 2
König Ludwig Kreuz
Spain Knightscross Isabella the catholic

he was married and had two daughters.

Urk KLK General (1).jpg

Urk KLK General (2).jpg

Urk KLK General (3).jpg

Geißler Karl Generalmajor (1).jpg

Geißler Karl Generalmajor (2).jpg

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Mj 15.01.02

ObstLt zD 22.03.06

Char als Obst zD 24.09.09

Char als GenMj 23.07.17





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