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Need Help with this Order of Lenin

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Here I have an obvious Copy of an Order of Lenin.I believe this is one of the Orders which my Father get in the early 90`s.The Quality of the Enamel looks very good to me.

Does anyone knew something about Copys like this?The Frontside seems on a Type 4 and the Reverse seems on a Type 2 Order.

Absolut inconsistent, but the Quality looks good for a copy in my opinion.

Here a some Photos.

The Reverse has over 2 Megabyte.I must edit the Photo and I do it n the next Post.



Here is the Reverse.

IMG_2629 (1).jpg

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You can see silver Color under the scratch.The weight is 19 Gramm.I believe it is base metal and no gold plated silver.

But it`s a very good copy much more better than contemporary copys.

It would be interesting if someone knew at what time this order was produced.


Best Regards


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