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Nice little aristorcratic fellow from Lippe-Detmold

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Hi gents,

this nice and rare little fellow joined my collection...

It´s the miniature of "Lippe-Detmold Denkmünze an den Einzug des Grafregenten Ernst 1897",
mounted on a woman ribbonbow !
Only 50 of the 1027 medals in total were awarded by women.

And en top this miniature is aristocratic, as it belonged to Gräfin Adelheid zu Lippe-Biesterfeld, proofen by drawing of her (located in the castle of Detmold),
on which she was wearing exactly this little medal.

Sometimes the very small things are creating the most pleasure ;-)

Hope you like it, too...


Lippe-1897 Medaille Miniatur-Damenschleife-RS-web.jpg

Lippe-1897 Medaille Miniatur-Damenschleife-VS web.jpg




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Very cool indeed, but do you have the Urkunde, or how do you know that this is her actual decoration?

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Well, I know the source of this miniature...and there is no doubt about who previously was wearing it. :rolleyes:

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