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Nice mini-chain Lippe - IDable(?)

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Hi gents,

I would like to show a new item of my collection, which recently found its way back to its relatives:

This Godet-chain shows the following awards:
- Lippe-Detmold house order 4th class Div. A
- Schaumburg-Lippe house order 4th class
- Century medal Prussia
- war memory medal 1870 / 71 steel (non-combatant)
- Landwehr long-service medal (old type)

Unfortunately I´m struggeling with the ID of this small chain, although the combination Detmold & Schaumburg you cannot find that often.

Somehow it´s coming directly from the family (the referring medalbar should still exist, but is actually not on sale!!!!), but the given names I cannot find in the rolls
or they are not fitting.

It looks like the ID is becoming a bigger project....


Lippe-Minikette-LDH4-SLH4-Cent-KDM70_NK-LWDA-VS web.jpg

Lippe-Minikette-LDH4-SLH4-Cent-KDM70_NK-LWDA-RS web.jpg

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