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Help Identify Soviet? Medal

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Hi Gents 

Can you please help me Identify my medal I believe it a soviet medal but I not sure as I cant fined any thing about it the lady I brought it from told me it was Australian but I don't believe that one bit as it looks like a soviet or similar style medal it has the number 807532 on the back like a Russian medal if anyone knows what this medal is it would a lot thanks._20180903_155404.thumb.jpg.e3654f29d14e2e5a7e90dec151e2424e.jpg20180903_161138.thumb.jpg.1705dea45eca5a0b2e2014b3cae11983.jpg


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Of course ,it is not a Soviet award.First,Soviet awards are of good quality,second  they use of cyrillica and the proletarian sings:a red star,hammer,sickle

Your bagde looks like a bijouterie or a costume jewellery.

Probably it could be a badge of some Orthodox Society of Russian Church?I wrote the title Dei Gratia Leonardus I Princips  into Wikipedia but I did not get any answer.

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