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Cuba order Carlos J. Finley - 1928 / 1958

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The national order of Carlos J. Finlay was created the president Gerardo Machado the 21/01/1928. The order is awarded for exceptional merit in charity and health purpose (Sanidad y beneficienca) for the Republic of Cuba. The order is still awarded until today.


The order was also attributed for special merit in the Cuban political action and in the natural and social sciences.


It was the second most important order in Cuba after Carlos Manuel de Cespedes order.


The order had 7 grades;


  1. Gran Cross with banda de honor, - For the president of the Republic president
  2. Gran Cross,
  3. Gran official,
  4. Commander,
  5. Officer ,
  6. Knight badge,
  7. Silver Cross.


Most of the Order was made by Vilardebo y Riera or Antigua Vilardebo y Riera after 1936. The company change the name in 1936.









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Thank you for this complete study!  Especially impressive the President's sash set!

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