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Can anyone provide information about this picture?  This is a distant great-great uncle.  What is it a picture of?  About what year might this have been taken?  Is it definitely a Stahlhelm uniform?  Is there a rank noted?  Do the numbers on the collar represent a reserve unit?  What is the likelihood that the person in this picture would have become part of the SS?

Any help you can provide would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


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I believe what you have here is a transitional uniform photo of a Jungsta member around June, 1933-1934. During the year the Stahlhelm was “ coordinated” into the SA Reserve under Roehm, with senior members being retired or shuffled into party jobs or brought back into the Reichsheer etc. so as to politically neutralize the monarchist/ nationalist ( heavily armed) paramilitary, veterans’ association. Someone with more SA knowledge than I can fill you in on the 22/240 collar tab, but there was a year long shortage of brownshirts and other NSDAP party regalia (members had to usually buy their own kit) because of the forced coordination into NSDAP party organizations and because of the more than 1 million “ Maiblumen” new party members who rushed to join the NSDAP after power was consolidated in the May, 1933 elections. 

What this chap is wearing is a Jungsta uniform with SA insignia. 

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