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J Temple-West

A couple of Juncker badges - SW 68

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First up: Radio Operator/Air gunner badge in zinc ...maker marked: C.E Juncker, Berlin SW 68




Next....Factory produced Air gunner /Flight engineer's badge in zinc....maker marked: C.E Juncker, Berlin SW 68



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By the time those badges were being boxed up for delivery , there were very few veteran workers at the famous factory. It's been said that prior to 1933, even as big as they were at the time, most of their products were made to order from different countries, mostly South America but also Scandinavia and Holland. The year 1933 and the new Regime brought CEJ along with other medal makers another lease on professional existence since very little was produced prior to that time, for German market anyways.

Post 1933, Juncker had to expand their existing staff to about 300% just to be able to keep up with the production demands. It truly became a conglomerate. Most long-time workers were delegated to overseeing positions with junior associates taking over most of the 'hands-on' machine duties but few remained, mostly where it was necessary to operate machines and use their specialized handiwork.On to quality control of course. It wasn't uncommon to see artisans who were there for 40 or 50 years. Those were the ones that over time became the heart and soul of that factory. Their skills can still be observed today, through their products, long after they're gone. Over times the materials became little less fancy due to the constraints of the times but the production techniques continued to be a benchmark of the entire industry, for years, even after the guns fell silent in 1945.

Nice badges & thanks for showing- always happy to see something from my favorite maker.

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Thanks for the interesting insight, Matt

I don't know why but I've always favoured Assmann...

But for you...a pic of a couple FJ badges from your favourite...



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Splendid duo. Thanks for sharing.

I can see why some favor F.W. Assmann. Starting out in 1826, he was one of the pioneers in the industry where very few existing companies thrived & survived and even fewer decided to start up. Ole Friedrich Wilhelm (and his son Eugene of course) certainly left a legacy doing what they did best. Their company survived for almost 200 years and their quality never faded. That says something about their way of doing things.

Their old buildings were torn down not too long ago. When they were still intact, there was an handsome, cast iron plaque with their name and logo on it. Someone tried to remove it at some point but the old bugger proved to be too much hassle and although it got a little bent and scratched, it never came lose.

I wonder what became of that plaque now that the buildings have been demolished..


Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 7.37.14 PM.png



Edited by Matthew Macleod

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Here are some of my Junckers.





juncker zc obv.jpg

juncker zc rev.jpg

junck obv1.jpg

junck rev1.jpg

juncker tb obv m.jpg

juncker tb rev m.jpg

Juncker obv1.jpg

Juncker rev1.jpg



juncker obv1.jpg

juncker rev1.jpg

juncker obv m.jpg

juncker rev m.jpg

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Yay! Junckerfest.

H, that sub badge....Nizzzze.

and a couple more...

1st pattern



2nd pattern





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