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Stuka f

Prince Friedrich Leopold of Prussia...might have come close to it...

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Had a hard time to id this item, and  I am still not sure how to call it in English.

It is a jar made of clay and bearing the old coat of arms of the city of Antwerp.

It is called snel or snelle and is derived from a old German word; "Schnalle".

Not sure if it was mend to serve wine or beer (or both), but it was used during the world expo in Antwerp in 1894.

That expo brought the middle ages back to live and Prince Friedrich Leopold of Prussia was one of the 1.5 million people who visited the event.

The jar came with a doc, witch says it was the last jar standing and sold to a man who seems to have payed quiet something for it....

The jar also bear the AH letters coming from the name of the pub (De Aangename Hof, ...not Adolf H :-)) in witch it was used at that time.


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Amazing that it has lasted this long in such beautiful condition. It must be quite sturdy, or it’s owners have been very careful through the years. The document adds immensely to its value. Very beautiful! An absolute treasure. 


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Hey Mike,

thank for your comment and glad that you like it.

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