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My 1st Legion D'Honneur, Greetings

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Hey! I'm new to the forums here and wanted start by showing off my first LoH. Not certain of the maker...Augis? (once saw a similar type in an Augis box) Only found a silver/gold hallmark.
I used to be huge Aucoc fan till I saw the berries and double raised wreath on this one! 
Also what happened to the France section?


IMG_5253 - Version 2.jpg

IMG_5265 - Version 2.jpg

IMG_5246 - Version 2.jpg

IMG_5220 - Version 2.jpg

IMG_5237 - Version 2.jpg

IMG_5247 - Version 2.jpg

IMG_5274 - Version 2.jpg

IMG_5281 - Version 2.jpg

IMG_5283 - Version 2.jpg

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Dear friends, welcome to join. But I think you made the wrong part, the French order can be sent to a separate section in France.

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