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1918 Royal Navy bicorn by Gieves Ltd.

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I own what seems to be a Lieutenant/Officer's bicorn from Gieves Ltd. I'm not sure about its date, but it should be at least from 1918 when Gieves moved to 21 Old Bond Street. It's a size 4/55cm which I find rare because it's a small size, so I assume it belonged to a very young officer. It's in pretty good condition, though it has 2 details. The bullion on top is loose and the button was missing. Luckily, I had an original one from Gaunt maker to go with it. I'm trying to restore it but I don't have information on how the button should be sewn. It looks like it should be sewn with a long thread to reach the bicorn's surface, but I'm not sure. I will appreciate any help on the subject.


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According to Mr. Google, Gieves & Hawkes of Saville Row, London still possesses a Royal warrant to manufacture bespoke uniforms, etc. I imagine they would do a super job on the button repair, if given the opportunity. 

It’s not something I would normally wear, but it’s a beautiful bit of head-gear none the less. Show us the finished product when it’s done. 


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