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Identify This Medal ,Please

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I hope somebody has already seen this medal and will be able to identify it.All commentaries are welcome.Thank you.





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Some sort of an award medal of the American Legion, a US veteran organisation. On the US Militaria Forum you can find a big variéty of medals this organisation issued over the years.

Cheers Herman 

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The American Legion, a US veterans organization started after WWI, has an award program for Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) at high schools and also for senior ROTC at colleges.  This medal likely is a JROTC award at a high school based on the "American History and Civics Award" inscription on the reverse.  I couldn't find this particular medal in a quick Google search; maybe it is obsolete, but I am not familiar at all with JROTC awards.

While no image is included, the American History and Civics award is mentioned in this article: http://medallic.medalcraft.com/american-legion-school-award.php

Coincidentally, I was awarded the American Legion's ROTC Military Excellence Medal as a senior in college.


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