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Spanish Order of the Red Cross to Emperor Menelik of Ethiopia

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Further to my ongoing research into the awards presented to Emperor Menelik of Ethiopia (ruled 1889-1913) I am having difficulty in ascertaining when and in what circumstances he was awarded the Order of the Red Cross. As he never left Abyssina/Ethiopia during his lifetime I am  'assuming' the award was made in connection with a diplomatic/humanitarian/missionary mission of some kind to the Emperor. This award dates from 1876 to 1899 thus the award to Menelik should date from the period 1889-99. The award is the lower right star in the images.

Any guidance or suggestions would be much appreciated.



P.S. The list of awards received by the the Emperor, excluding Ethiopian orders, are, as far as I am aware:

France - Legion of Honour

Germany - Order of the Red Eagle

Hungary - Order of St. Stephen

Italy - Order of Sts. Maurice & Lazarus

Russia - Order of Alexander Nevski

Turkey - Order of the Mejidie

United Kingdom - Order of the Bath


Menelik A.gif

menelik Detail.gif

Spain Red Cross Order Star.jpg

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Thanks - Ras Makonnen father of Haile Selassie I believe - but no Spanish award. Owain

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