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Chris Liontas

Lt Lawrence Peak,

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I was lucky enough to have a friend offer me this tunic.  Lt Peak trained to be a pilot but when planes were not available he volunteered to fly as an observer/bombadeer with the French (where he accounted for one victory). The write up from New England Aviators explains his war service much better than I could. The most interesting thing about LT Peak was his service with Graves Registraion after the war.   He was liaison to the French for identification and repatriation of US war dead.  It’s an interesting subject to read about, as it was the first time the US government attempted to bring so many war dead home.   Also, it appears the US insulted our French allies (unintentionally) during the repatriation process.   A poignant time in WW1 history. 



Write ups



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Great tunic. Congratulation. You are a lucky guy. The history of this guy is awesome.

Can you show some details of the French observer badge, including a picture of the reverse

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The observer badge is numbered in the low 4000’s.  It could be a post war 1919-20 badge; I’m not sure of the issue numbers for actual wartime I’m going to look them up. 



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EAB792FB-AB4E-43A4-93B2-154F3AA4275C.thumb.jpeg.1bb7c3ec8e8e762e33ca7015abb3907b.jpeg Front and back - marked 

with number 4330



Possible repair.   Doesn’t look like it but it seems like there is more material under the wing.  I don’t see a break though. Possibly I am seeing things


   French made “half” wing for observer/bombardier 




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It seems that he never been qualified as a pilot even after the war.

It's a pitty that no one else write something to this awsome tunic with a great history.
Keep it in honor.


Kind regards

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