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Alex .

Polish badge

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Hi gents,

Can you please help me to identify this polish badge? Is it: Commemorative badge of the Soldiers and Insurgents Association of the VIII District, 2nd Class?






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Alex, this is one of the honorary badges of Polish military units from the post-WWI period during the 1919-1921 Russo-Polish War in which Poland guaranteed its independence from Soviet Russia.  Specifically, this badge is for members of the Pomeranian Front.  In Polish: Odznaka Front Pomorski "Bóg Wolność i Ojczyzna"

English: Badge of the Pomeranian Front "God, Freedom, and Homeland"

You can Google and see several for sale.  However, I always urge caution with anything Polish; Polish militaria is heavily faked.  Unfortunately, I am not expert enough to offer any opinion on the originality of your posted badge.

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Does any one know of any sites which list the fake Polish badges, preferably comparing them with the originals. Doesn't matter if the site"s in Polish.


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