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Bob Ford Divisional WWI Uniform Collection to be sold at SOS 2019

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I am proud to announce the sale of the Bob Ford Identified WWI Divisional Uniform Collection during 2019 at SOS and MAX.  All lots are fully identified, most have lots of additional material included, from dogtags to gear, medals and more.  Bob purchased most from the veteran or their widow from 1975 until the mid 1990's.  Lots will include his correspondence with the sellers and the dates purchased.  This collection of 'patched' uniform groups consists of every operational division, in both the AEF and stateside units, from the 1st to the 93rd. I will be offering about half the material at SOS and half at MAX 2019.  Although the seller is me, Niles Laughner, I share tables at SOS 2019 with Arnold Meisner (the table holder of record), and his name will lead to our table location.   MAX 2019 tables are under my own name. 


So...YES, Bob is fine and dandy, and shows no signs of slowing down.  NO, he is not selling any other material.  YES all items are guaranteed to be genuine.  NO, I will not sell any items "before their time" (quoth Orson Welles), so please don't ask.  Everyone deserves a fair shot.  As we enter the 2nd century since the end of WWI, this collection is all the more meaningful.



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Why are we allowing an advertisement for a sale to be posted here on this forum?  We have separate areas for this, why is it being posted in the United States Militaria section rather than in a for sale section? 

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