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An interesting old picture. “French ambushing Germans”

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Hi Gents

i picked this up the other day with a few other postcards and pics.

it stood out when I had a proper look.

The French uniforms look old to me...


the reverse does not have postcard format.

i can’t make out the name written here either.

(I only paid £1 by the way.... not €100)


The front has been hand coloured in some places, the blue of the uniforms definitely.


i’ve not worked out who the artist is from google...


I hope you like it Gents.

Any thoughts welcome.....


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Hello tony, The French Chasseurs a pied and Chasseurs alpins, used the uniform showed during almost all WW1, sometimes mixed with bleu horizon pieces. more,they went to the battlefiel in 1940 still with a mix of blue and khaki. they used mattblack painted Adrian helmets. today they used a Parade uniform that is blue .

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